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Our Team

The Vision

Our Vision here at Ahammune is to find safe and effective treatments for chronic skin diseases with unmet need. We would like to enrich the life of people worldwide by removing fear and stigma associated with skin diseases by providing comprehensive treatment strategies.

With strong expertise in dermatology, Ahammune’s team is committed to find innovative therapeutic solutions to restore skin health.

The Team

Founded by Dr. Krishnamurthy Natarajan and Dr. ParuI Ganju, Ahammune boasts of an interdisciplinary team of dedicated scientists & thought leaders who share a common goal of translating scientific breakthroughs to foster innovative treatments for dermatological disorders. The team members have been a part of programs that have reached different phases of drug development in several core areas

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Dr. Parul Ganju

Co-founder, CEO, Board Member

Dr Sudhanand.jpg

Dr Sudhanand Prasad

Director, R&D


Dr Mahesh Kumar Verma

Assistant Director, Biology

Board of Directors

Parul Ganju_300 dpi_edited.jpg

Dr Parul Ganju

Co-founder, CEO, Board Member

Dr Satyajit Rath.jpeg

Dr Satyajit Rath

Board Member

Mr Uday Chatterjee Pic.jpeg

Mr Uday Chatterjee

Board Member


Mr Naganand Doraswamy

Board Member

Tanjore Balganesh.jpeg

Dr Tanjore S Balaganesh

Board Member


Dr Krishnamurthy Natarajan

Board Member, Co-founder

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