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Reimagining Skin Therapeutics

Skin is an extraordinary organ. It has the ability to adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions to maintain homeostasis. This remarkable facet of skin function involves maintenance of complex structural and functional interaction networks within the multitude of cells that the skin harbors. Perturbations in these networks can alter skin physiology, manifesting as chronic skin diseases.

With strong expertise in dermatology, Ahammune’s team is committed to find innovative therapeutic solutions to restore skin health.


Our mission is to enrich the life of people worldwide by removing fear and stigma associated with skin diseases by providing comprehensive treatment strategies.

Targeted therapy for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is the most common depigmenting disorder with a global prevalence of about 1-2 percent. It is a lifelong disease with no cure. The chronic nature of the disease involves unpredictable recurrent episodes of trigger where immune cell mediated death of pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes occur in skin.

The research conducted at Ahammune has led us to identify cellular pathways deregulated in vitiligo. Our strategy is to restore these pathways to their homeostatic state using small molecules to maintain skin health.

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Ahammune’s proprietary molecules are designed to restore the fundamental pathways underlying skin health to their homeostatic state, thereby alleviating these conditions.


By targeting the causal mechanisms that lead to breakdown of cellular functions, our molecules have the potential to provide permanent relief with minimal or no side effects.

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