Ahammune Biosciences is a socially conscious business enterprise with a goal to utilize high quality science, develop new therapies for diseases that are of relevance to the society. We are an interdisciplinary team of dedicated scientists who share a common goal of translating scientific breakthroughs to foster innovative treatments for dermatological disorders.Our current focus is to design the first cure for Vitiligo.

Ahammune’s first pipeline product, AB1001, is designed to treat early stages of disease, Vitiligo. The mechanism of action is to control the new triggers where melanocytes killing is done by effector T cells. The product targets the activation step of T cells, preventing further killing and spread. IND-enabling studies are being undertaken with AB1001 for performing ‘first-in human trials’ in 2020.

Ahammune’s product is inspired from tremendous success of cancer immunotherapy agents which are revolutionizing cancer treatment and are making a huge difference in oncology world. Interestingly, while in Vitiligo our aim is to suppress T cell activation, cancer immunotherapy aims to activate body’s own T cell to target hyperproliferating cancer cells. In fact, it has now been shown in several clinical studies that Vitiligo is a positive prognostic factor for recovery of melanoma patients undergoing immunotherapy. This suggests that the pathway targeted by immunotherapy drugs is indeed a cause for melanocytes death in Vitiligo. This druggable pathway has been carefully targeted by our retro-design approach to provide new and efficacious solutions to patients.

Ahammune’s strategy of locally treating and ablating activated T cell responses provide tremendous advantage over several other existing therapies that involve systemic suppression of immune responses, having a variety of side effects, like those often observed with steroid therapy. The focused topical application with Ahammune’s compounds at an earlier disease stage has a potential to stall and revert Vitiligo patches.